nina morrison
"Nina Morrison's world is an interesting and fun place to be. If only we could live in a world like this all the time."

Nina Morrison is a formerly Brooklyn-based, currently Iowa-City-based, director and devisor of experimental theater. In Fall 2013 Nina began the 3-year MFA Directing Program at the University of Iowa. The Iowa Directing program is focused on new plays by the MFA playwrights in the Playwrights Workshop as well as devised work by the MFA directors. To learn more: Iowa MFA Directing.


thing with feathers
written by Sam Collier (3rd Year MFA Playwright)
November 6-9, 2014
Theatre B

Don’t go
site-specific devised performance
Worth Fighting For Pop Up Museum
UIOWA Main Library South Entrance
Friday, Nov. 7th 5:30 PM
Tuesday, Nov. 11th 5:00 PM

Family Dinner
written by Sarah Cho (3rd Year MFA Playwright)
February 20 & 21, 2015
Room 172 (Theatre Building)

Silo Tree
written by Sam Collier (3rd Year MFA Playwright)
May 4-9, 2015
UIOWA New Play Festival

(photo at left thing with feathers)