• Little Village Review of The Roommate

    "As a queer woman in her 40’s myself, I so enjoy watching 50-ish year old women and queer characters on stage. Skillful director and accomplished playwright Nina Morrison, at 49, echoes this joy in her Director’s Note — and it shows in her dynamic staging of two strong women filling the space with their fear, regret, laughter and rage. Come for the local references — but stay for this story of women in their prime as they explore what it would look like to change everything." - Saunia Powell for Little Village full review here

  • The Daily Iowan Review of the The Roommate

    Nina Morrison, the director of “The Roommate,” pursued the project because she was intrigued by the idiosyncratic text and the representation of women in their 50s.

    “[Jen Silverman] has a quote somewhere about having all this agency and power onstage as women in their 50s, and I was so into that, and was just like ‘When are we allowed to change?’” Morrison said. “When are we allowed to be different and just let go of something even if we’ve been that identity our whole lives?” - Stella Shipman for The DI full review here

  • Little Village review of Straight White Men

    “One word: Wow.“ -Little Village
    full review here

  • Straight White Men review in The Daily Iowan by Pedro Barragan

    "Straight White Men is a poignant play for today’s cultural climate..."
    Riverside Theatre’s Straight White Men: a Christmas story that tackles the topic of white privilege by Pedro Barragan

  • Féminaal review by Rohan Preston, Minnesota Star Tribune

    "The concept is both clever and intriguing. All who attend Féminaal, a play that sends up misogyny in two highly regarded modernist classics, are asked to sign a waiver saying they will view the show 'solely as a woman,' irrespective of a viewer’s gender." - Rohan Preston, Minnesota Star Tribune full review here

  • Féminaal article by Kathy Berdan of the Twin Cities Pioneer Press

    "Grumble’s production will feature 12 Twin Cities artists, Ruth says, in a 'range of gender expression.' The audience will be watching as women." -Kathy Berdan, Twin Cities Pioneer Press full article here

  • Little Village review of Rotten Eggnog

    “Nina Morrison’s whip smart direction assures deep belly laughs from the audience, and the tender moments of the play are heartfelt and genuine.“ -Little Village
    full review here

  • Gazette review of Rotten Eggnog

    “Director Nina Morrison keeps it all together, especially when the action is unraveling.” -The Gazette full review here

  • Interview in Little Village Magazine about FÉMINAAL

    Link to interview in Little Village Magazine

  • Article in the Daily Iowan about FÉMINAAL

    Link to article in the Daily Iowan online edition which includes video interview with Nina Morrison and rehearsal footage



    "What starts as a simple search for a library book evolves (devolves?) into a swirling epic that pits a woman against a horde of pissed-off goddesses..."
    - Matthew Manuszak for Unveiled Arts


    "This play is absolutely hilarious. I had such a good time. Morrison's staging is clear, fast-paced, and many times just as funny as her script." - nytheatre.com


    "****[FOUR STARS] Forest Maiden provides a unique look at gender roles and modern love—in a medieval context that seems to imply that no matter how much things have changed in the intervening centuries, much is still the same." - TimeOut New York


    "Nina Morrison's play …manages to provide thoughtful discussion on race, gender, and sexuality issues, and any number of other philosophical topics. Divorcing these issues from everyday life and putting them in a story that seems more suited to children's theatre (or mythology, since much of it takes place in the Underworld) only makes it that much more effective." - Byrne Harrison, Stagebuzz.com

  • FOREST MAIDEN MENTION IN L Magazine Interview

    Forest Maiden “It’s absurd and hysterical and anachronistic in a way –a fable from a talented young playwright that’s very modern and yet in the kings-and-queens-and-enchanted forest setting.” From August 5, 2009 L magazine interview with the Fringe Festival’s producing artistic director Elena Holy