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Lady from the Sea
by Henrik Ibsen
translated by Rolf Fjelde
April 15-24, 2016, E.C. Mabie Theatre
Lady from the Sea explores the imprisonment of women by their society, the nature of obsession, and the meaning of freedom through the story of Ellida, a young woman who grew up in a lighthouse. Ellida's marriage to an older widowed doctor has confined her to a remote town on a fjord in northern Norway where she finds herself longing for the sea while being haunted by visions of her former lover, a sailor. She is confined geographically and psychologically in a stagnant state until her lover returns, and she must fight to make her own choice about her future.

"Rehearsing this play, I have been continually struck by its exploration of the oceanic nature of life," said Director, Nina Morrison. "Ibsen throws us onto the open sea to experience vicissitudes of obsession, love, sexual desire, fear, pragmatism, youth, aging and mystery. Scenes swell with riotous humor and break with personal tragedy on the surface atop fathomless depths of longing beneath."

Creative team
Director Nina Morrison
Dramaturg Sam Collier
Stage Manager Melissa L. F. Turner
Assistant Stage Manager Erin Kaufman
Scenic Designer Kevin Dudley
Lighting Designer Lucas P. Ingram
Assistant Lighting Designer Theodore Brown
Costume Designer Catherine Parrott
Assistant Costume Designer Hiram Alexander Orozco
Sound Designer Kassia Lisinsky

Emelia Pinamang Asiedu
William Goblirsch
Niki-Charisse Franco
Miriam Randolph
Miles Gattrell
Will Callan
Eli Jolley
Greg Walker

Ensemble: Erica Eiben, Aurora Green, Jason Grobstich, Lily Larsen, Anna Tonsfeldt, Nicholas Wang